how to stop farting

How To Stop Farting.

How To Stop Farting

This is a complete guide to get rid of your farts fast and know why it exists. But before we come to our main topic about hot to stop farting we will firstly have to understand what really is the secret behind your fart, why the hell you just keep on farting and make the noisy wind and spread the specially smelling farts in the air for your loving friends.

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What causes a fart, actually.

In simple terms fart or flatulence is caused by the air or gas blocked in your stomach, which can be due to many sources. A fart is composed of about 59 % nitrogen, 21 % hydrogen, 9 % carbon dioxide, 7 % methane and 4 % oxygen. Only about one percent of a fart contains hydrogen sulfide gas and mercaptans.
Now you must be thinking why do your fart produce stinky gas.
Fart contains hydrogen sulfide gas and mercaptans, which contain sulfur, and the sulfur is what makes farts stink badly, and make the people around you run away.
The most common causes of farting are-

  • Food we eat (eating habit)
  • Smoking, chewing gum
  • Fruit juices
  • Tight clothing
  • Constipation (most common)
  • Intestinal diseases
  • Anxiety and tension

Foods that cause flatulence – Farting is more to do with bacteria in the lower bowel that are particularly partial to carbohydrates. The carbohydrates in some foods cannot be broken down and absorbed in the intestine; they pass straight through to the bowel, where they are fermented by the bacteria to produce gas that comes out as farting.Foods with a high proportion of unabsorbable carbohydrate –
Jerusalem artichokes and other root vegetables such as parsnips
Slimming foods that contain sorbitol or fructose
Broccoli, cauliflower
Raisins, prunes
Beans, Peas, Apples

Smoking and chewing gum – Smoking, chewing gum and sucking on pen tops makes you produce more saliva, which has to be swallowed. Each time you swallow the saliva you also swallow air. Also, chewing gum contains sorbitol.

Tight clothing – Cloths such as Lycra shorts, constricting belts and hold-in underwear increase the pressure on the abdomen and make it more difficult for wind to pass along normally

Constipation can cause farting. Normally, most of the intestinal gas is expelled out of the anus as small puffs which we are not aware of.

We know how gas problem is caused but the main question is How to stop farting, trust me I have tried it myself. Don’t ignore this problem, use this product and get rid of gas (Click Here!) or quit eating good delicious food and quit smoking

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